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Superior Products for Superior Vehicles

The Nanolex car detailing range is a high performing range of synthetic products based on Nano technology. The range includes coatings for glass, paintwork, wheels, textiles and leather and offers a superior level of protection.

Founded in 2007, Nanolex now have an international reputation for their exceptionally high-quality products which are both unique and at the cutting edge of current technology. All their products are exceptionally durable, lasting for years.

Nanolex only offer the full range of products through authorised resellers, along with training and accreditation for professional detailers. Darren is one of the very few UK detailers to be fully Nanolex trained and approved to use and supply the full product range, including the outstanding ‘Si3D’ ceramic system only available direct from Nanolex Germany.

The Recommended Nanolex Range

Nanolex Paint Coatings

Paint Coatings

Nanolex Paint Coatings offer maximum protection and an incredible shine to car paintwork. The coating forms an extremely hard layer on the paint providing exceptional resilience to the environmental conditions your car experiences on a daily basis.

The unique surface structure not only protects your paint but also repels dirt, water and oil, leaving your car clean for longer and making it easier to wash.

  • Enhanced resistance to acid rain, insect splatter and bird droppings
  • Increased UV protection against fading and aging
  • Easy to clean and superior water repellence
  • Added resilience against light scratches and marring

Rim Coatings

Nanolex Rim Coatings offer extreme protection and an incredible shine. The Nano technology forms an interlocking molecular coating on the wheel’s surface, providing exceptional resilience against the severe contaminants that the road throws at them.

The unique surface structure of the Nanolex Alloy Rim Coating not only protects your alloy rims but also repels dirt, brake dust and water, leaving them clean for longer and much easier to wash.

  • Enhanced resistance against brake dust build-up
  • Easy to clean and superior water repellence
  • Increased protection against aging and pitting
  • Added resilience against light scratches and marring
Nanolex Paint Coatings
Nanolex Glass Sealant

Glass Sealants

Nanolex Glass Sealants offer improved safety in wet conditions by increasing visibility. Unlike regular glass products, our sealants form a strong chemical bond with the glass leaving an optically clear coating that provides exceptional repellence of daily environmental conditions.

The unique surface structure differs from that of glass by instantly repelling water and dirt. This can be achieved at speeds as low as 45mp/h, simply pushing the water off the windscreen without the requirement for wipers.

  • Provides clear visibility in wet conditions making driving safer
  • Enhanced resistance against insect splatter
  • Easy to clean and superior water repellence
  • Increased protection against acid rain and watermarks

Textiles and Leather

Nanolex Leather and Textile Sealant offers excellent protection for automotive leather, fabric and textile surfaces. This high-quality coating effectively puts a barrier over the surface repelling liquids, dirt and other contamination so they cannot penetrate or stain your interior.

While the touch, appearance and breathability of your leather or upholstery remains the same, this highly durable coating also adds resistance against fading and aging caused by UV and helps prevent dye transfer from clothing into light coloured interiors.

  • Increased protection against aging and fading
  • Highly effective barrier to repel liquids and spills
  • Enhanced resistance against wear and soiling
  • Added resilience against dye transfer from clothing
Nanolex Textile Leather Sealant